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Taurus 4510 judge 

The Taurus 4510 Judge got its name after the number of judges in Miami who carry this revolver as their preferred self-defense weapon. Capable of firing either 45 Long Colt or 410 bore shotgun shells the five-round capacity Judge is an ideal gun. This especially for close-quarters self-defense needs. The double-action Judge comes standard with a rubber grip fiber optic front sight and the key-operated Taurus Security System.  Moreover, Shallow rifling of the barrel means the Judge is not a short barrel shotgun under the NFA though it is illegal in California due to that state’s more stringent gun laws.

History Taurus 4510

There have been two model number designations for this firearm, the 4410 (no longer produced) and the 4510 (current). Secondly, Both model numbers are essentially the same revolver, and any 4410 or 4510 will yield basically the same performance. It got its name “The Judge” in 2006 when Bob Morrison, Executive Vice President, learned that judges in high-crime areas of Miami, Florida, were purchasing the revolver for personal defense in their courtrooms, and after Morrison investigated further, the model designation was changed from 4410 to Taurus 4510 to more accurately reflect the revolver’s versatility (.45 Colt + 410 shot → “4510”).[1] Taurus International reports that the Judge is their top-selling firearm.[1]

The rifling is shallower than normal, giving single-projectile loads less stabilization than they would receive in other handguns while reducing the rapid dispersion of the shot from shotshells.[2] Taurus developed shallow rifling after numerous experiments to find rifling that worked well with both types of ammunition.[3]

Though Taurus deliberately designed the Judge to fire shotshells, the Judge does not qualify as a “short-barreled shotgun” under the National Firearms Act of 1934 as its rifled barrel makes it a regular handgun.[2] However, the Judge is considered a short-barreled shotgun under California state law, which has a broader definition of “short-barreled shotgun,” and the Judge is thus illegal to possess in that state.[4]


Finish Matte Stainless Steel – Caliber .45 .410 (2.5 chamber) – Grips Ribber – Capacity 5 – Weight 29 oz – Rate of Twist 112 – Barrel Length 3 – Height 5.1 – Frame Compact – Width 1.5 – Action DASA – Front Sight Red Fiber Optic Fixed – Length 9.5 – Grooves 6 – Safety Taurus Security SystemTransfer Bar – Trigger Type Smooth

UPC 725327602125
Caliber 45 COLT / 410 GA
Capacity 5 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 3 BARREL
Weight 1.8 LBS.